Youth in Revolt

My ideas for these blog posts come from clothing I spot at the  Best of the Best Sale of the week, but my references definitely influence what stands out to me and what I shoot. Though I had already been taking pictures at the Studio City store  for a few hours, once someone brought these pointy Marc Jacobs mouse flats to my attention the day suddenly made sense and had a theme to me. I love the contrast of these Marc Jacobs mouse flats with the houndstooth printed oxfords because they bring to mind a very cool couple going out to parties and on adventures on a Friday night decked out in their vintage best (even though both styles are women’s shoes) . Be sure to try to picture the attitude of the Japanese couple in the film Mystery Train when looking at these accessories! There is something very 50’s Elvis fan meets 60’s Mod about a pointed toe next to a square toe lace-up . . .No?


the fact that these Mouse Flats are a rare metallic shade just makes them that much cooler


a pair of shoes to throw on with your tightest black jeans


Tweed Prada Coat



Real vintage crocodile purse from England


Givenchy purse

Mitsuko and Jun in Mystery Train

Japanese Youth in 1964 for Life Magazine




” The King & I”, Addison Gill for Teen Vogue