Council Art Gallery

Our art gallery showcases talented local artists that have a connection to NCJW | LA. The artists can be Jewish women, or someone who produces Jewish-themed art or art that celebrates or reflects our mission to advocate for and provide programs and services to our community. The many visitors to our building, Board and staff enjoy the various art exhibits. The art is for sale and the artists donate 20 percent of their sales to NCJW | LA.

For more information contact Carrie Jacoves by clicking here or 323.852.8512.

Community Seder

NCJW | LA’s annual Community Seder is a highlight of our community programs. One of our most highly-anticipated and well-attended events, this community Seder “as seen through the eyes of women,” is profoundly meaningful and inspiring. It’s an experience that bolsters our commitment to addressing contemporary social challenges combined with a celebration of the ancient Jewish festival of liberation.

For more information contact Carrie Jacoves by clicking here or 323.852.8512.

Events Calendar

NCJW | LA’s event calendar includes programs, advocacy and community events. Click here to view or current schedule.