NCJW | LA Main Office

Marjorie Gilberg, CEO

Elyse Bonner, Executive Assistant
Joanie Ceballos, Senior Administrator
Gina Williams, Database Coordinator | Receptionist

Communications & Outreach
Sarai Jacinto, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
Carrie Jacoves, Director of Communications and Outreach

Sofiya Dubinsky, Chief Financial Officer
Faina Nadgornaya, Accountant
Latricia Tramble, Accounting Assistant

Human Resources
Ruth Gonzalez, HR Generalist

Kaitlin Fortune, Program Intern
Mi’Quael Gray, Change The Talk Coordinator
Leah Knopf, Change The Talk Coordinator
Selene Lopez, Enrichment Program Coordinator
Maya Paley, Senior Director and Co-Founder, Change the Talk
Rachel Resnick, Chief Program Officer
Nabila Sosa, Advocacy Program Manager
Maria J. Vazquez, Critical Response Coordinator

Thrift Operations
Josie Ceballos, Retail Call Center Associate
Carla Gutierrez, Retail Call Center Associate
Bob Klausner, Director of Retail Operations
Sophia Orshansky, Vice President of Retail
Jill Sager, Regional Manager
Daisy De La Torre, Retail Call Center Associate
Ashley Velasco, Thrift Operations Manager
Andrea Zalazar, Retail Call Center Associate

Council Thrift Shops

Canoga Park Store Manager Leticia Silva
E-Commerce Manager Mashid Bakhtiari
Fairfax Store Manager Lisa Gullatt
Granville Store Manager Cory Pickens
Studio City Store Manager Greg Buccella
Venice Store Manager Edita Eganyan 
Veteran Store Managers Danielle Kalsky and Vera Shakova
Victory Store Manager Mayra Hernandez