Welcome! NCJW|LA’s Scholarship Program

Fall 2020 Cycle 

October 1st - November 15th

The Fall 2020 Application Cycle has closed.

The NCJW|LA Scholarship Program is open to students of all backgrounds in a variety of subject matter disciplines. NCJW|LA scholarships support traditional and non-traditional students in achieving their academic goals. Scholarship recipients are selected based on academic merit and financial need.

Awards will be announced in December 2020, funding will be made available during the recipients following school term.

Scholarship News


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For Fall 2019, 125 applicants from students at 48 colleges, universities, and vocational schools applied for 9 different scholarships. Going digital led to a 100% increase in applicants from our spring mail-based cycle. We look forward to celebrating our winners in January!

Our scholarships are focused on supporting local students pursuing degrees in specific fields as well as non-traditional students who were working hard to achieve their academic goals.

You can be a part of their journey towards academic success by donating to our scholarship fund where you can donate to specific scholarships of your choosing or donate to our general scholarships fund!



Become a Volunteer Application Reader! Click Learn More to read the full description of the volunteer opportunity for this cycle and to apply.

Scholarship Highlights

August 5th was a great start to our summer. We hosted a full-house of NCJWǀLA supporters as we celebrated our 2019 Spring Scholarship Recipients.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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