December Newsletter

Socially Distanced but Never Apart

Reflecting on 2020, we are reminded of the importance of togetherness, even when we cannot be physically. While this year challenged many of us, the support we’ve received from our community never faltered.

Because of people like you, we were able to meet this unique moment and help change the trajectory of people’s lives in this time of upheaval. We are bridging the gaps by keeping people housed, supported, and safe.

A contribution today can ensure our urgent work continues.

Supporting Our Community

12 Women x 12 months x $1000

In 2019, NCJW|LA conducted large-scale community research that examined the available services in our region and surveyed the in-depth needs of community members. Glaring gaps were identified ranging from access to emergency financial resources to social/emotional isolation. From this data, we developed a new model program designed to address these critical issues.

The Guaranteed Income Program will support twelve individuals for twelve months with $1000 in cash assistance payments. Qualifying participants will identify as women and work in a caregiving field. By providing cash assistance in a cohort model, we aim to expand the financial and social safety net for the women who do the critical work of caring for and offering dignity to the ill, disabled, children, or the aging. Participants in the cohort will be able to use the money in whatever way they see appropriate. Participants will receive access to valuable online resources, educational programs, and a support network of fellow caregivers and mentors, which they will be able to use at their own discretion.

Visit to learn more about the Guaranteed Income Program or to make a donation.

Calling all Volunteers! Join the Seder Committee!

We are prepping for our annual Seder event and we need your help because we’re going virtual! Calling all event planners, marketing gurus, and social butterflies to help us produce a meaningful virtual experience for our NCJW|LA community.

For more information or to join the Seder Committee email NCJW|LA Director of Outreach and Communications, Carrie Jacoves here.

RAP | By the Numbers

While we have a sense of accomplishment for helping so many households pay their rent over the past year, we also know we are just at the tip of the iceberg in this nationwide emergency.

We are committed to keeping renters safe from eviction. As we await updates on how back-owed rent will be pursued once the eviction moratorium ends in January, NCJW|LA is prepared to answer the call to keep Los Angeles housed.

Advocating for Women

Join our Advocacy Working Group

Join us for the last AWG meeting of 2020 on Friday, December 18, at 2 pm. We will reflect on our work from 2020, plan our advocacy work and legislative priorities for 2021, and much more. Our monthly meetings are NOW ONLINE and are taking place on the 3rd Friday of each month from 2:00–3:15 pm. We hope to see you all!

SAVE THE DATE: Roe v Wade Virtual Event

NCJW|LA is excited to announce the date for an evening of inspiration, reflection, and collective action around reproductive justice across the United States. This VIRTUAL EVENT will occur on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, from 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm PST. Our event aims to make space for collective learning, joy, reflection, and actions by curating a program like no other. Stay tuned for more information, including registration, event details, and much more!

This event is in partnership with The City of West Hollywood and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

Tri-Weekly 12.10.2020 (6)

The Council Shop

The Council Shop at Santa Monica and Granville is now Open!

Still searching for the perfect treasures this holiday season? Why not make it second hand? Not only will you save hundreds of dollars on high-quality apparel, designer labels, and luxury home furnishings, but your commitment to buying second hand is environmentally conscious and helps support our economic justice programs and advocacy work for women.

One of our most beloved locations, The Council Shop at Santa Monica and Granville is now open. Drop by to see a few familiar faces this holiday season! Because your safety is important to us, please expect COVID-19 safety standards to be in place. Shop early to avoid the crowds.

The Council Shop
11801 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Granville)
Los Angeles, CA 90025 | 310.444.7978 

Open Daily
Shop: 10am – 5:00pm
Donate: 11am – 4pm

Donor Spotlight

Spotlight on NCJW|LA Donor Judith (Judy) Okun

Tri-Weekly 12.10.2020 (10)

How were you introduced to NCJW|LA? Our family was first introduced to NCJW|LA Council Shops more than 16 years ago by Rose Norton, a devotee for many years. It didn’t take long to discover what a fun and wonderful place it was for me and my three daughters as well as my granddaughter, Emily. The fact that it was a worthy charity as well made us feel good. We were all so happy to have found a place which was a treasure chest from clothes to furniture to art -- and all at great prices! We had no idea how those shopping trips would later influence my granddaughter.

What inspired you to become an NCJW|LA annual donor? A dividend I never expected from our experiences [at The Council Shop] was that Emily took fashion seriously – so much so that after high school, she traveled back east to major in design and fashion merchandising in college, traveling to Paris and London and returning to the U.S. to become a stylist, creating published shoots, working for styling magazines and agencies. Emily’s goal was to always seek a unique look.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our supporters and volunteers? The best part of this story is when Emily was a senior in college and looking for a senior project: she chose a thrift store in her college town which was in need of a facelift, an upgrade to help get it back on its feet. Paint, reorganization, and rejuvenation were all part of the project to help energize this store. The result won her recognition and widespread coverage by local television stations and news publications as the reopening with a new fresh look gave a new life to a deserving store and its owner. And to think it all started at NJCW|LA!