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We have activated an Emergency Rental Assistance Program (RAP) due to COVID-19. The Emergency WEHO RAP provides limited rental assistance to WEHO tenants facing financial hardships. Households can receive up to three payments, a minimum of 30 days apart, for 25% of their monthly rent. Checks are made payable directly to property management companies. New applicants, click below to determine your eligibility.

If you have questions about or would like to apply for the WEHO Rental Assistance Program for non-COVID-related financial hardships, please contact Critical Services Coordinator Maria J. Vasquez here.

Program Qualifications

  • A current resident of the City of West Hollywood.
  • You have never received Rental Assistance through the West Hollywood Rental Assistance Program before.
  • Proof of financial hardship and are able to demonstrate a financial need.
  • Must have received a Pay or Quit notice from property management.
  • Must be able to cover any balance of rent owed not covered by the program.
  • You have a viable plan to pay rent after assistance has stopped.

Supportive Documentation


•Government-issued ID

•Pay or Quit Notice

•Utility Bill



•Tax Returns (cover page)

•W-2, pay stubs, or other proof of income

•Lease indicating number of residents

•Bank Statement

•Proof of Employment

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