Vagabond Worthy

In anticipation of this weeks sale at the North Fairfax store I dropped by yesterday to start shooting the many goodies that go on-sale Saturday at 8am. I’ll admit that coming in super early has it’s disadvantages( it’s intimidating to look through everything when it’s all piled up and eye catching ),  but even so I was enchanted by pieces that whispered to me of gypsy travels and dark shadowed rooms in the summertime. The combination of Isabel Marant dresses (!), leather boots, and beaded costume-y vintage things had me imagining drawing rooms, market places, and just anywhere exotic seeming.


an Isabel Marant dress layered with a vintage vest


vintage Ferragamo riding boots


gems to layer

Inspiration taken from Helena Christianson’s mood board featured in French Vogue and Freja Beha in ‘Enter the Dinner Dress’ photographed by Javier Vallhonrat for Vogue UK September 2009.

Can’t wait to shoot part 2 of the preview tomorrow!