Trending: Plaid About You

Those who know me in real life can attest to the fact that I tend to be somewhat of a space case. Although facts and figures are regularly displaced in my memory, if you were to ask me about a an item of clothing from one of our sales I could probably provide a vivid description that would include the price and buyer.  The items in this post have been cued up in my mind, compiled  from Best of the Best events at our Veteran, Granville, and Fairfax sales, all featuring the versatile fabric/pattern: plaid. 

I have a soft spot for plaid. It makes me nostalgic for crunchy fall leaves and “back to school” outfits.


This saucy Dolce and Gabbana bustier would make for a poor “back to school” outfit.


I lusted after this sheer Comme des Garcons top only to find out it was much too small for me.


Less conventional green plaid (paired with some sensible school brogues by Gucci) covers these Dries Van Noten pumps.