Traveling Light


Turkey Day is coming up on Thursday which means everyone is scrambling to get to spend the holiday with their families. Luckily this year I am living in the same city as my family but I have lots of friends stressing out over long  flights and ride shares. In my mind traveling is synonymous with . . . over-packing! In hopes of making your holiday plans a little less stressful here is a go-to outfit inspired by a French Vogue mini feature that requires minimal packing and maximum wears courtesy of a few pieces from our Fairfax and Veteran stores.


A simple vintage silk dress easily layered with a scarf for traveling and large enough to hide that post-pie “food baby” you are bound to be carrying.


Black heels that are proper but fun.


How amazing are these vintage jade hairpins?! Very on-trend with the current fancy hair accessory thing going around.

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