Time for a Crazy Hat Post


Since I first started doing this blog vintage hats have been featured in a category of their own. Considering many vintage hats are one of a kind and because people rarely wear hats formally anymore outside of royal weddings and the Kentucky derby I see these pieces as collectors items rather than basic accessories. In order to make a post solely devoted to a wider spectrum of hats, I have been sitting on some of these images for a few sales now. The majority of the hats come from the last sale at Granville while the first one shown above comes from the Van Nuys sale. I am especially attached to the hat from last weekends sale in Van Nuy’s not only because of it’s European military like tassels but because it still has tags from the now defunct Bullocks Wilshire department store.





Can we talk about the mock-mohawk Philip Treacy crown SJP wore to the Met ball?! General consensus is the outfits at this years ball gowns were mostly boring and had nothing to do with the “punk” theme, at least this crown/hat shows some sense of adventure!