The Overall Impression

“Jewelry becomes part of the silhouette, part of the clothes, and part of the overall impression”

-Marion Vidal

In order to mentally prepare for this post I have been re-reading an article on jewelry designer and Céline collaborator, Marion Vidal. It is not that I find accessories uninteresting but there are only so many ways to write about objects without discussing their owners. In the biographic article Vidal says that the most satisfying part of being a designer is seeing her pieces appropriated and interpreted. I happen to agree that the finished product is usually more interesting than the production. In my opinion jewelry is most effective when you see it an a peer and think “ooh I want that!”.

As I am a bit behind on posts the pieces in this post are from our last sale at our Studio City location.


The necklace on the left is a signed vintage necklace from Norway made by David Anderson. That necklace as well as the enamel necklace on the right recently sold on our Ebay store. The brooch is  Finnish modernist.


Vintage Ivory



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