The Little Blue Dress



As you may have already predicted vintage Chanel is a very rare find. As indicative of a  luxury brand that is more than 100 years old, Chanel items never lose value or significance.  At every sale I see a handful of faux Chanel donations, at a recent sale at the Pico store I found everything from Chanel earnings to sweatshirts and they were ALL fakes. This little blue dress was an exciting find from the “Best of the Best” sale at Studio City and it is astoundingly 100% real. We carefully examined the tags, buttons, and material before claiming the dress to be a genuine Chanel (most likely from the late 80’s). What makes this piece so covet-able is it’s vintage without being outdated, and it’s cut and design are luxurious without being too obvious. Coco Chanel early on had a concept of pairing down women’s fashion by designing utilitarian clothing, two-piece suits and little black dresses. In other words, the kind of clothing that could not go out of fashion. 
This dress is a no-brainer!  I would love to hear from whoever the lucky buyer ended up being!





A few images from my favorite modern Chanel campaigns:


The images above are from a 2007 Coco inspired campaign while the one below is a recent campaign styled by former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld