Simple Clothes for a Beautiful Weekend


So it’s pretty widespread news that we (California residents) are midway through Coachella. I am not going to talk about how at 24 I feel way too old to put my body and my brain cells (not to mention my wallet) through that ever again. However, I must admit that I am hugely adversed to the idea of “festival fashion”. I recently read somewhere that celebrities have begun using stylists for Coachella which to me sounds completely INSANE. I looked through a few Coachella style slideshows on various blogs and I felt my eyes rolling back into my skull as I looked at picture after picture of offensive Native American style clothing and accessories, cut offs that even Britney Spears wouldn’t be caught dead in, and neo-hippy garb.

Anyway as a refresher for my eyes and possibly yours I would like to share some simple and beautiful pieces from last weekends sale at the Granville store. Ahh simplicity!


I am obsessed with the metallic  clasp on this vintage bag. Though the stitching is machine made (making it less valuable) I think it’s a lovely inspiration piece.

(Pictured with my brass Dream Collective Ring)

A Beautiful Linen Jacket by Yohji Yamamoto


Vanessa Bruno Tee


Issey Miyake trousers


Prada Pajama top


Issey Miyake coat