Shop Smart

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that the seasons are sparse. You can easily curate a wardrobe that works year round with just a few items limited to just Summer or Winter. This freedom from extreme weather also means that you can take advantage of season sales and buy coveted clothing that won’t be sitting in your closet until it gets warm or cold again.

For the past two Januaries I have taken advantage of “End of Winter” sales by indulging in my love for boots. I must admit last year I went a little nutso but this time around I was less crazed and only bought one pair- my much love Mars boots by Rachel Comey. These past two weeks, first at the Studio City Store and then at Veteran I have been lucky to come across designer boots for every kind of shoe fiend. I hope our customers are like me and using this time of the year to buy some envy inducing footwear.

Textured ankle boots by Alexander Wang

Vintage front zip booties

Margiela and Marc Jacobs!

(Oh and the very first pair of back lace boots are by Ann Demeulemeester!!)