Season of the Witch

Because this blog is meant to be a visual representation of the Council Thrift Shops and not of my own life it usually seems unnecessary to write about things going on outside of the microcosm of our company. This week is an exception since it is impossible to make a new post without mentioning the horror of hurricane Sandy (which happened to fall on the usually not-so-scary Halloween). It may seem more appropriate to talk about what a great resource our stores are for Halloween costumes (they really are) but instead I would like to take a moment to remember those whose lives were threatened and changed over the course of the storm.

If you are like me and read a lot of fashion news blogs you may have also read about how small businesses and the fashion industry as a whole were effected. It is reported about 30 million dollars per/day were lost in business! Many stores in Lower Manhattan still do not have power or are completely flooded. I am curious to see what long terms effects this disaster has on the industry and the holiday season.

This week with the impending change in time and overall scariness of the outside world I wanted to highlight some beautiful muted pieces that will be available in our brand new Fairfax location opening this Saturday. Please be sure to stop by 360 N. Fairfax Ave. from 8 am -6 pm on Saturday for the highly anticipated grand opening.



This Comme des Garcons tank and vintage jacket are perfect transitional pieces for the LA “Fall”. The tank is another example of soft comme layers.




The collar on this silk Escada blouse makes it seem more avant-garde than the usual Esacada number.

Inspiration  taken from  Prada S/S 2001.



A book on Prada found at our Veteran store