Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra showroom photographed by me

Raquel Allegra can be a polarizing contemporary designer. Her clothing is reconstructed and built on the idea of beauty found in blemishes. She is best known for her “shredded” shirts and dresses, handmade in Los Angeles, featuring draped and distressed panels. While some of my friends think her pieces resemble very expensive rags others admire their delicate details and enjoy layering them. Personally most of her clothing doesn’t really fit in with my sensibilities (her style is a bit more “rock & roll” than mine) but I love the delicacy of this Raquel Allegra tank I found at the Veteran store.

This tank features a thin silk racer back, asymmetrical hem,  and a shredded front. I love that the shredded front panel resembles a delicate chain necklace. When I tried it on I realized there was no way I could wear it out without layering it with something else. The trouble with a lot of Raquel Allegra clothing is that it is meant to be layered and the high retail prices make buy several pieces at once a huge commitment. Fortunately there is a very good chance you might get lucky and find something of hers in one of our stores.

Raquel Allegra dress at Totokaelo