Upcoming Events

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Educational Programs

Information is power. Learning about an issue is the first step towards getting more involved and making a difference in your community. Our educational programs will keep you informed about the important social justice issues of the day. We present panel discussions with experts on immigration reform, human trafficking, economic justice, gender-related violence, and other key issues. Click here for upcoming events.

Change the Talk

Change the Talk trains teen leaders to combat sexual violence through peer-to-peer education and advocacy. Teen peer educators from across Los Angeles visit high schools and youth groups to present an interactive workshop about:

  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Laws of consent
  • Supportive resources for survivors
  • Bystander intervention

As a result, students are empowered to speak out against rape culture, advocate for consent culture, and make informed decisions about recourse if sexual violence takes place.

To date, Change the Talk has been presented to over 6000 students across Los Angeles County. For more information on Change the Talk and to learn about becoming a Peer Educator, click here.

Advocacy Internships

Advocacy internships are available throughout the year. For more information, click here.