Posh Accessories


I have never been someone that placed value on a designer label alone. That said I think there are a few iconic designer styles that have maintained their relevance and value over the years. The first of these is a Gucci bag.



At the last special sale at the Granville store we featured two vintage Gucci bags. The one above was a favorite for it’s gold hardware, clean leather print, and unique contrast bamboo detailing.


The second bag was a little more simple but it still emanated luxory with it’s rich dark printed italian leather.

Jackie O (pictured with her trusty Gucci Handbag) is the prime example of someone who looks comfortable and elegant by playing down an expensive bag. Instead of being flashy she chooses to look elegant by pairing designer accessories with simply cut clothing.  Being able to pare something fancy down in order to give it daily use is a very important facet of style.


We also got in a handful of vintage Chanel ballet flats both in patent and in regular leather. Another great example of timeless style.

Alexa Chung at the airport in a two tone version

A street style image by Garance Dore. One of my favorites due to how casual but ohso put together this girl looks.