Pajama Party!

I am a big fan of “fashion pajamas”. One part high fashion, one part laziness, these printed silk (usually super expensive) pieces look amazing when paired with heels and lipstick. Though I can’t bring myself to walk out the door in a full pajama set I have been collecting some crazy printed pants over the past year or so. The Gaultier jacket pictured below is my first encounter with a “pajama blazer”. I think it is pretty special because it combines the austerity of a blazer with the luxury of a silk top. I would love to see this contrasting bronze/grey piece worn with skinny black jeans, heels, and a bit of lipstick! This jacket was listed on our ebay site recently and was quickly snatched up by some lucky so and so. I hope it’s new owner is as enthralled with it as I was.


Printed “Fashion Pajama” looks from Louis Vuitton, Celine, and Creatures of Comfort: