New Beginnings

Hello, Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a pleasant winter holiday and are ready to . . . start shopping once again!! The first “Best of the Best” sale of the year started this morning ( 8 am to be exact) at the North Fairfax store . This one is especially near and dear to me not only  because of this stores proximity to my home but because I decorated and dressed the main windows for the sale.  I must confess I was a little intimidated to work with a space that is exposed to so much foot traffic but it gave me the chance to share my favorite find . . . CÉLINE LOAFERS.

Although I am a casual follower of the cult of Phoebe Philo I still got pretty down once I realized these beauties are no where near my size . . .As you can see from the images below ( top via Decade Diary  and bottom via Stop it Right Now) this vintage incarnation is very much what is currently going on at the fashion house.

Since this sale was especially epic I’m going to break down posts by accessories and clothing. Luckily for you some of the jewelry I am featuring can be found on the NCJWLA ebay starting next week!

Be sure to look for these vintage clip on earrings by Givenchy and Moschino on ebay.

I was drawn to these vintage silver stingray shaped clip-ons. They are also signed but need a good cleaning to figure them out.

This  modern leather, Hermes inspired double cuff will also be up on ebay.

What can I say? 2013 at Council Thrift is off to an amazing start. Stay tuned for clothing from this weeks sale in the following posts.