Modern Hobble

A hobble skirt was a skirt with a narrow enough hem to significantly impede the wearer’s stride. This fashion trend from around the turn of the twentieth century is most closely associated with French designer Paul Poiret, his use of draping created a top heavy silhouette. While I don’t advocate clothing that is difficult to walk in, I am a big proponent of loose tops paired with tight bottoms.

As someone who is ok with not having a six pack, this silhouette allows me to eat what I crave while still feeling slender. The loose top carefully conceals my stomach and the skinny bottom flatters my long shape. Below I am pictured wearing a Yohji Yamamoto Noir skirt that I purchased from the NCJWLA ebay store. Can you tell Mr. Yamamoto was inspired by Monsieur Poiret? Luckily my skirt has an elastic waist-band and is stretchy enough for my to walk comfortably in.




I have paired by skirt with Calvin Klein Jeans lace-ups from our Studio City store and a cashmere sweater from Uniqlo