Lobby Day 2020 Recap  

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Making Change... Together!

We are so proud of the many advocates from Los Angeles who joined us for our first ever Virtual California Lobby Day on Tuesday, May 19th. This stellar group met with 14 State Senators, Assembly members and legislative staff to discuss critical issues facing Californians and to advocate for safety net protectionsGiven the very unusual circumstances, this virtual CA Lobby Day 2020 engaged in two forms of lobbying: (1) virtual meetings with legislators, and (2) legislative staff and a major email/phone campaign to targeted legislators. 

This year’s CA Lobby Day advocacy efforts focused on elevating three priority “asks” amid the COVID-19 crisis: 

  1. Extending the safety net to all California’s by passing two budget asks that would provide low-income, undocumented taxpayers access to California’s Earned Income Tax Credit and Youth Child Credit programs and ensuring that undocumented seniors are eligible for Medi-Cal.
  2. Expanding workers protections, by passing three bills that would protect and improve the safety of essential workers (SB 1257, Durazo) extends basic labor protections to domestic workers, (AB 321 Kaira and Gonzales) establishes essential protection to the health, safety, and economic well-being of California’s working families during this public health crisis and beyond by providing —emergency paid sick leave, family and pregnant leave, and right of recall/worker retention
  3. Address the needs of homeless Californians and root causes of homelessness (AB 3300, Santiago) address California’s homelessness crisis by appropriating $2 billion in ongoing funding to cities, counties and homeless CoCs, and affordable housing developers to expedite the delivery of homeless and affordable housing, rental and housing assistance, and wrap-around services.  

California Lobby Day - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

We are happy to report that our legislative meetings and conversations were informative and promising. We are proud of the connections we made. 

Senator Meetings

Meeting with Senator John Moorlach’s Legislative Aide, Ryan Gardner

Ryan shared Senator John Moorlach's focus on homelessness and mental health as he worked with Senator De Leon to push for legislation to make it easier to provide services to folks suffering from severe mental illness. The Senator introduced 5 bills this year on this topic, as he believes severely mentally ill folks are suffering on the streets and not able to get treatment (not available or denied it themselves). 

Senator Moorlach represents the 37th Senate district, which includes portions of Orange County.

Meeting Attendees: Miriam Cantor, Sarah Pinho, Kimberly Adams, Michelle Galan, Jessica Dreyer, Maria Vazquez, Roz Siegel, Selina Vazquez, Senator John Moorlach’s Legislative Aide, Ryan Gardner, and Corinne Ho

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Meeting with Senator Maria Elena Durazo’s Chief of Staff, Jenn Richard

Jenn shared Senator Maria Elena Durazo’s passion and dedication to protecting the rights of workers! The Senator will continue to push for legislation that ensures ALL workers are protected. It was amazing to hear from the various advocates on why passing SB1257 was important and impactful.

Senator Durazo represents Senate District 24, which encompasses Central Los Angeles and East Los Angeles.

Meeting Attendees: Selene Lopez, Maria Vazquez, Kimberly Adams, Miriam Cantor, Michelle Galan Corinne Ho, Senator Maria Elena Durazo’s Chief of Staff, Jenn Richard, and Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon

Meeting with Senator Ben Allen and his Policy Consultant, David Bocarsly

Senator Ben Allen signed on to more than one round of letters on the worker protection issue (ITIN). We are waiting for budget hearings on this topic. He asked us to engage in these discussions before they come into subcommittees. He is not on the budget committee. There were many conversations in January about growing program investments – it is a very different tone now.

Senator Allen represents the 26th Senate District which includes the cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Hollywood Hills, Fairfax, Hollywood Hills, and Fairfax.

Meeting Attendees: Jenn Vercelli, Sarah Pinho, Donna Brown, Roz Siegel, Ilissa Gold, Policy Consultant David Bocarsly, and Senator Ben Allen


Meeting with Senator Holly J. Mitchell's Legislative Fellow, Yesenia Jimenez 

Yesenia shared Senator Holly J. Mitchell’s commitment to advancing social issues that affect the most vulnerable populations in California. The current epidemic served as a catalyst to show many of the gaps and inequalities in our systems.

Senator Mitchell represents the 30th Senate District which includes Culver City, Ladera Heights, and the Westmont, Crenshaw, Downtown, and Florence neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Meeting Attendees:  Selina Lopez, Sarah Pinho, Selene Lopez, Kimberly Adams, Jerilyn Stapleton, Senator Holly J Mitchell’s Legislative Fellow, Yesenia Jimenez, Michelle Galan, Jessica Dreyer, Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon

Assemblymember Meetings

Meeting with Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian and Field Representative Emma Taylor

Emma covers housing and homelessness, the health committee, and the aging and long-term care committee. Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian shared with us that next year’s budget will take a $54B hit, and it is expected that the Federal Government will step in to backfill some of our costs. Budget cuts could wipe out all of the savings from the three different reserve funds. With that said, retail taxes are going down, but not a 1:1 ratio.

Assemblymember Nazarian represents the 46th Assembly District which encompasses the central-southern San Fernando Valley.

Meeting Attendees: Randy Dobbs, Sarah Pinho, Rachel Resnick Penny Johnson, Jerilyn Stapleton, Field Representative Emma Taylor and Assemblymember Nazarian


Meeting with Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s Legislative Aide, Isiah King  

Isiah shared with us Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s commitment to supporting and expanding workers' rights and protections. Isiah shared the need in the Assemblymember’s district for greater services and programs to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

Assemblymember Friedman represents the 43rd Assembly District, encompassing the cities of Glendale, Burbank and La Cañada

Meeting Attendees: Roz Siegel, Lyndsey Bonomolo, Michelle Galan, Ilissa Gold, Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s Legislative Aide, Isiah King, and Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon

Meeting with Assemblymember Autumn Burke’s Legislative Director, Renee Estoista  

Renee shared Assemblymember Autumn Burke’s commitment and support to passing a budget that includes and protects the most vulnerable populations. She also added that the Assemblymember will continue to push for a budget that is comprehensive and allows for spending where it is needed the most.

Assemblymember Burke represents the 62nd Assembly District which includes the portions of Westside and the South Bay regions of Los Angeles County.

Meeting Attendees: Selina Vazquez, Sarah Pinho, Michelle Galan, Selene Lopez, Corinne Ho, Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon, and Assemblymember Autumn Burke’s Legislative Director, Renee Estoista.


Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove’s Communications Director and Legislative Aide Alina Evans

Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove is a true champion for children, women, and other vulnerable populations. Alina shared the Assemblymember’s commitment to ensuring the bills and budget asks during the meeting are supported and passed, as these are essential for the protection and wellness of Californians.

Assemblymember Kamlager-Dove represents the 54th Assembly District which includes the cities of Mid-City Los Angeles, the Crenshaw community, Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, and parts of Westside Los Angeles.

Meeting Attendees: Miriam Cantor, Selina Vazquez, Ilissa Gold, Bobbi Rubinstein, Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove’s Communications Director, and Legislative Aide, Alina Evans, Jerilyn Stapleton and Jessica Dreyer

Meeting with Assemblymember Richard Bloom and Field Representative Melissa Kaufler

During our conversation with Assemblymember Richard Bloom and staff, we concentrated on discussing what advocates can do to ensure we pass legislation that will ensure the protection and extend the safety net of Californians. Assemblymember Bloom reassured his commitment to continuing to protect vulnerable populations. He cautioned us on the budget asks, as cuts are expected to continue to take place. He shared his commitment to serving his constituents and truly listening to the needs of the communities he proudly serves and represents.

Assemblymember Bloom represents the 50th Assembly District which includes the cities of Malibu, Santa Monica, and parts of West Hollywood and Agoura Hills.

Meeting Attendees: Nabila Sosa, Jerilyn Stapleton, Field Representative Melissa Kaufler, Lyndsey Bonomolo, Roz Siegel, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Illissa Gold, Jen Vercelli

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Meeting with Senator Robert Hertzberg's Policy Consultant, Alex Barnet   

During our conversation with Policy Consultant Alex Barnet, he reassured us of Assemblymember Robert Hertzberg’s commitment to combating homelessness and protecting vulnerable populations such as immigrants and low-income Californians.

Senator Hertzberg represents the 18th Senate District, which comprises most of the San Fernando Valley.

Meeting Attendees: Randy Dobbs, Selene Lopez, Rachel Resnick, Michel Galan, Assemblymember Robert Hertzberg’s Policy Consultant, Alex Barnet, Jerilyn Stapleton, and Nabila Sosa

Meeting with Assemblymember David Choi's Legislative Director, Nicholas Gauthier

During the meeting with Nicholas Gauthier, Legislative Director for Assemblymember David Choi, we discussed the Assemblymember’s role on the labor and appropriations committees. Nicholas felt a strong inclination to assure Assemblymember Choi's support of the bills.

Assemblymember Choi represents the 68th Assembly District serving a portion of Orange County, including the city of Irvine, Tustin, and Anaheim.

Meeting Attendees: Jessica Dreyer, Lyndsey Bonomolo, Kimberly Adams, Sarah Pinho, Jerilyn Stapleton, Andreya Garcia-Ponce De Leon, and Legislative Director, Nicholas Gauthier

Meeting With Assemblymember Miguel Santiago and Field Representative Nishara Gunasekara

During the meeting with Assemblymember Miguel Santiago and his field representative Nishara Gunasekara, we dove into the conversation around homelessness and workers' protection. The Assemblymember reassured us of his commitment to ensuring AB 3300 passes in both houses and has been pushing for legislation to improve the current homelessness problem in California.

Assemblymember Santiago represents the 53rd Assembly District which includes the cities of Vernon, DTLA, and Boyle Heights.

Meeting Attendees: Rosanna OGuynn, Nabila Sosa, Sarah Pinho, Donna Brown, Donna Brown, Maria Vazquez, Donna Brown, Michelle Galan, Jerilyn Stapleton, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, and Field Representative Nishara Gunasekara

Meeting with Assemblymember Jessie Gabriel's Field Representative and Jewish Caucus Consultant, Jenny Berg

During the meeting with Jenny Berg from Assemblymember Jessie Gabriel’s office, she shared the Assemblymember’s commitment and support to protect workers’ rights and ensure the most vulnerable populations are protected during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Assemblymember Gabriel represents the 45th Assembly District, which encompasses much of the west San Fernando Valley.

Meeting Attendees: Corinne Ho, Rachel Resnick, Lyndsey Bonomolo, Bobbi Rubinstein, Penny Johnson, Lyndsey Bonomolo, and Field Representative and Jewish Caucus Consultant Jenny Berg

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