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Get Out the Vote!

Secure our Safety Throughout this Pandemic. Don’t Forget to Vote 

On September 14, 2021, California voters will decide whether to remove their governor in a recall election. Given the number of crises facing our state, this is an extremely important election. Historically, few people vote in off-year elections when a presidential candidate is not on the ticket. There is a very real danger that a tiny minority of voters will make this important decision that will affect every Californian. Your Vote Matters.

Important Election Dates

August 30: The last day to register to vote online and get a ballot in the mail. After this day, you will have to register to vote at a polling place, vote center, or county elections office.

September 4:Some early in-person voting begins.  

September 14:Election Day. You can register and cast a ballot in the recall through this day.  

October 14:Counties must finish counting ballots and certify their results. 

October 22:Deadline for the Secretary of State to certify the results. If the governor is recalled, he will need to vacate the office by this date, and the winning replacement candidate will be sworn in.  

June 7, 2022:Date of the California primary, which will include the Governor's Office.  

The recall ballot will have two questions: 

First Question: Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?"

Voters will choose "Yes" or "No".

  • A "Yes" vote means you want Newsom to be recalled.
  • A "No" vote means you would like Newsom to remain governor.

Second Question: A list of 46 candidates who could potentially replace the governor if a recall is successful.

If more than 50% choose to recall Newsom, the candidate who wins the most votes will replace him. You CAN / SHOULD answer Question 2 even if you vote "No" on Question 1.  

There has been some confusion over the ballot, notably that if they vote for a candidate in the second question, would that erase a no vote on the first question? The answer is NO. Even if voters oppose the recall, they have the option of voting for a replacement candidate in case the recall is successful without affecting their "no" vote on the first question.

Get More Information 

CalMatters Voters Guide

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The Council Shop is Coming to Burbank!

Shop and or Donate! Proceeds Help to Revitalize the Community
The Council Shop is coming to Burbank! Prepare your donations for drop-off,  schedule a FREE donation pick-up, or get excited about dropping by to shop our wide selection of gently used goods. Our growth is made possible by your generosity, and we cannot wait to celebrate the opening of this new location with you on September 10th! Need to drop by a shop sooner? Find Your Nearest Location.
The Council Shop Burbank: 2515 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank CA, 91505
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Don't Miss Out

ATP is Relaunching on September 9th!

Register today to attend NCJW|LA's innovative Advocacy Training Project (ATP). Whether you are new to advocacy and need to gain confidence as you embark on your journey as an advocate, a seasoned advocate looking to sharpen your skills, NCJW|LA's Advocacy Training Project Series is for you.

Our revised Advocacy Training Project offers three options to accommodate a participant's knowledge and experience level.  

  • Emerging Advocacy Training Project (ATP) provides participants with hands-on advocacy skills, tools, experience, and a guide for anyone newly involved in grassroots advocacy.  
  • Rising Advocacy Training Project (ATP)provides participants with advanced hands-on advocacy and grassroots lobbying skills, tools, experience, and guide for seasoned advocates who completed theIntroduction to Grassroots Advocacy Training Project. 

ATP Sessions will be Held Entirely Online! Limited Scholarship Are Available! 

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Take Action in September

Join our Advocacy Team this September with These Mission-Focused Events. 

September is packed with exciting, interactive events, classes, and webinars to keep you informed and updated. View Full September Calendar and get involved!


Upcoming Office Closures

We will be closed for a number of days in September.

As we approach the month of September 2021, a month filled with several Jewish high holidays, we want to make you aware of our office closures. During these days, our Central Office will be closed. The Council Shops will remain open, except for the observation of Yom Kippur on Thursday, September 16th.  


  • September 6: Labor Day 
  • September 7 - 8: Rosh Hashanah 
  • September 16: Yom Kippur 
  • September 21 - 22: Sukkot 
  • September 28: Shemini Atzeret 
  • September 29: Simchat Torah  
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Donate Your Way

Here are several ways you can support NCJW|LA’s mission this holiday season:

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