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The NCJW|LA Los Angeles Rental Assistance Program (RAP) supports women and their families to stay in their homes. We have activated the Emergency LA Rental Assistance Program (RAP) due to COVID-19. The Emergency LA RAP provides one-time financial assistance, for up to $1,000 for households impacted by COVID-19 through loss of employment, reduction in income or illness. Checks are made payable directly to property management companies.

Program Qualifications

  • Head of household identifies as a woman.
  • Must file taxes as Head of Household; Head of Household is a federal tax filing status for single or unmarried taxpayers who keep up with the expenses of a home with an individual/s under their care.
  • Have dependents of any age living in the same household (Must be able to provide tax forms as proof of dependents).
  • Lived in their homes for a minimum of three months (Signed lease agreement); Must also show proof they are currently living there (utility bill dated within the 3 months of when applying).
  • Demonstrate that family has been impacted by covid-19; proof of illness or lose of hours/work; or is facing an unexpected financial hardship that is preventing them from paying rent.
  • Has received or anticipate receiving a pay or quit notice from landlord or management company.
  • Demonstrate family is facing an unexpected financial hardship that is preventing them from paying rent and have a plan to maintain housing after assistance.
  • Live in one of the four designated zip codes of 90004, 90028, 90029, or 90038.

Annual Household Income Cannot Exceed Limits Listed Below:


Supportive Documentation


• Government-issued ID
• Pay or Quit Notice
• Utility Bill



• Tax Returns (cover page)
• W-2, paystubs, or other proof of income
• Lease indicating number of residents
• Bank Statement
• Proof of Employment


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