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We're Recruiting New Board Members

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Contact Us Today! We are committed to building a Board that is diverse and inclusive. View our Board Recruitment Guide to learn more. 

Activate Your Abilities to Help Us Advance Our Mission!

The NCJW|LA Nominating Committee is actively recruiting and accepting nominations and referrals for leaders, activists, and community members passionate about economic justice to join our Board of Directors!

Members of the Board act as a foundation of support and a bank of knowledge to help drive NCJW|LA’s most important programs and services. In this opportunity, you will lend your expertise, experience, and time to help us reach our organizational goals while working with a team of diverse, like-minded individuals championing programs, policies, and laws that support economic justice and equity for women.

Our programs and services work to:


Support Essential Workers


Create Educational Opportunities


Keep Angelenos Housed


Amplify the Unheard and Underrepresented

Board Member Responsibilities

Our goal is to have a Board comprised of changemakers and innovative thinkers who are engaged, inspiring, and committed to the work at hand. 

Learn More About NCJW|LA's Innovative Programs and Services!

Learn more about the innovative programs NCJW|LA is piloting, and the essential programs that continue to provide foundational support for Angelenos who are struggling financially.

Committed to a Diverse Board of Directors

Our constituents deserve an NCJW|LA whose staff and leadership reflect the communities we serve. Our goal is to have a diverse board of directors with different backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences. Join us on our mission to advance economic justice and equity for women.