Isabel Marant Jackets

“Isabel Marant” isn’t a household name and it is not meant to be. Though the French label has been around for some 15 years the designer is notoriously illusive with press and picky about what stores she will even let carry her eponymous line. Marant is so strict with her wares that she has been known to refuse to ship in-between her own stores forcing customers to travel in order to hunt down prized items from her collections. This brand definitely has a cult status.

The name “Isabel Marant” brings to mind perfectly tousled French girls, tomboys with a hint of “50’s bad girl” attitude and minimal make-up:

“You know her. The French girl with the just-rolled-out-of-bed, can’t-be-bothered look. She pulls on last night’s clothes—slouchy tee, gray jeans. Fingers through the hair, a touch of makeup, and she goes out. Yet she looks smashing. Perhaps it’s her ankle boots (scuffed just so), boyish jacket, and lambskin shoulder bag. Or maybe it’s the way that skinny chain-mail scarf or mass of bracelets comes off as an afterthought. Equal parts confidence and nonchalance—that’s what makes this Gallic girl so enviable, and no one captures it better than Isabel Marant”.Vogue

“My ideal woman is Serge Gainsbourg. Not that he was a woman.”Isabel Marant to Love Magazine






This week at the Studio Store I gasped when I came across 2(!) brand new Isabel Marant jackets. These jackets are a few seasons old but still come with original tags. Made from silk and metal these jackets are BEYOND. Look out for them on the NCJWLA ebay store!

The jackets as seen on the Isabel Marant Fall 2010 runway