I Want That

Is it a faux pas to talk about the same designers all the time? I swear I care about designers other than Rei Kawakubo and Miuccia Prada! I simply can not help that this post was inspired by the living embodiment of a “Prada Woman”. A few months ago I was at a job and a noticed a woman wearing the most perfect full skirt paired with hi-cut ballerina flats. She looked enviably demure,graceful, and modern at the same time and I have had the memory of her outfit burned into my brain ever since.

This past week at the Fairfax sale I found a beautiful high waist-ed full skirt which caused me to (perhaps unnecessarily) splurge on a pair of hi-cut flats. Have you ever seen a really well dressed girl and just thought to yourself “I WANT TO BE WEARING ALL OF THAT”?. I have and in my experience that feeling is not fleeting.




This beautiful custom vintage dress could easily be turned into a skirt. I love the gingham detailing on the cuffs, waist,  and hem!


Prada skirts are amazing because they have this bohemian art school teacher vibe to them that keeps the wearer from looking like they are wearing something costume-y like “poodle skirt”. Purchase the wrong kind of skirt and you risk looking like a grown woman dressed in something kitschy and dated. I think vintage clothing should be about referencing the past but being forward thinking.

Prada Fall 2008

Prada Resort 2008