How Coach Became Cool Again



Coach is a brand that I didn’t take seriously until recently. Growing up I always had this concept of the brand as mall oriented, unoriginal, overpriced, and emphasizing logos. However, as I became more aware of their design history I found that they used to produce more clean and timeless looking bags . I started collecting their vintage satchels (as did friends of mine) and noticed how closely they resembled cool modern bags like the Sofia. Today I have a lot of respect for whoever at Coach  decided to re-invent the brand by diving into it’s archives and reintroducing shapes from the 70’s. The bag featured above is vintage (one of many Coaches too pass through our stores) and was priced at under $100 but it is very much like the modern remake currently sold online for $300!

Blogger/Artist Jeana Sohn’s vintage Coach

Blogger/Photographer Hanneli with her new Coach

Annabel of Blushing Ambition carries a creme version

One of these days I will post my own thrifted collection of vintage  collectible bags!