Groove Is in the Heart: A Revival of Psychedelic 90’s Style

When you think of 90’s fashion what comes to mind? Personally I imagine  flannel and those big white sunglasses Kurt Cobain used to wear. Well in the early 90’s, before grunge became a “thing”, fashion had everything to do with the “club scene”. The look of the time was personified by Lady Miss Kier of the American band Deee-Lite. Look up the video for their famous house track “Groove is in the Heart” and go back to a time of crazy platforms and  loud clothes.

Where am I going with all of this nostalgia? Well the 90’s revival in current fashion has been going on longer than I dreamed or hoped so this week at the Pico sale I finally gave in. The Versace Sport mini dress featured above is my toe into the 90’s pool; it’s floral, the cut is simple, but it is still loud and can be paired with crazy platforms and sunglasses to “complete” the look. My 90’s picks are still on the demure side but they all feature bright colors, loud patterns, and tight fits. While I am still hoping the whole 90’s revival dies down but I am ok waiting it out dancing around to Deee-Lite sporting a Versace mini dress .


Chain prints are very 80’s/early 90’s. This one is by Celine.


Printed cropped Chloe sweater (vest)


Versace cardigan featuring a leopard collar and a crop cut


Skinny printed vintage trousers to dress up or down


Mhm classic and seductive Versace leather


These No. 6 clogs aren’t 90’s they are just really cute

 Musician Grimes in a look inspired by Lady Miss Kier in a recent issue of Vogue.