February Newsletter

Meet Kenneth Whiteman, Fall 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Kenneth Whiteman was, “discussing with [his] girlfriend how broke [he] was going to be for the next couple of months,” when he learned he would receive The Sherman and Frances L. Teller Teaching Credential Scholarship from NCJW|LA. Kenneth is an undergraduate working towards his teaching credentials and like many students, found himself up against financial hardships. Inspired by his own success as a tutor, Kenneth realized: “it was the best job I ever had. After that, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.”

Kenneth expressed his appreciation to the family that established the Teller Teaching Credential Scholarship: “For not just having my best interest [at heart], but the future scholarship recipients as well. I feel grateful that somebody is looking out for me. Thank you!”

You can help students like Kenneth overcome the financial burdens that often stand in the way of student success by donating to the NCJW|LA Scholarship program today.


Two Exciting Advocacy Training Sessions

There is still time to register for the two final Advocacy Training Group Sessions in March and April.  Our March workshop will focus on crafting a convincing op-ed and ways to increase your chances of being published. Our April workshop will provide techniques on how to get appointed to a board or commission.

You have a voice; let’s get your message out to the masses!


The Votes Are In!

Join us to celebrate the winners of Consent and Cinema 2020!

Change the Talk invites YOU to support teen filmmakers from all over the country who stand against sexual violence. Join us on Saturday, April 25, 2020  6pm @NCJWLA. There will be opportunities to meet the filmmakers, take photos, and munch on snacks as we watch the best submissions from the film contest and crown this year’s winners.

NCJW|LA invites you to attend our 2020 Advocacy Working Group meetings

These meetings are a space for community members, leaders and advocates to learn, plan and reimagine what is possible WHEN people join forces to advocate for issues impacting those most in need. NCJW|LA is an open and safe place; we encourage, welcome and celebrate diversity and inclusivity at our meetings.

Our Advocacy Working Group meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at NCJW|LA’s central office, 543 N. Fairfax Ave, CA 90036. Your voice matters, we hope you can make it.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30-8:00 pm.



Event Highlights!

ROEAT47 was a night filled with thought-provoking conversations and emotions. We were honored to screen Jane, a short narrative film set in the era before Roe v. Wade, when an underground group in Chicago counseled, educated and helped an estimated 11,000 women find safe and inexpensive abortions. The film set the tone for the rest of the night as our Master of Ceremonies, West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore, Lindsey Horvath led an in-depth conversation with film director Natalija Vekic along with four cast members. The night continued with a well-detailed legislative update on some of the challenges and actions happening across the country today to ensure abortion access is protected.

ROEAT47 culminated with attendees experiencing a series of interactive rooms which included the art project called “Future News Room.” In this room, guests experienced what our future would look like if Roe was overturned and what a future would be if Roe was no longer up for debate. Guests were also emerged in, “Across the Line,” a virtual reality experience about accessing abortion in America.

Let’s Make it Chic

Get some expert advice from Class-A Thrifters who have visited over 400 second-hand stores all over America and are on a mission to make thrifting stylish and elegant. Learn some skills then head over to your nearest @thecouncilshop to put your fashion skills to the test.