Guaranteed Income Program

a micro-pilot project

Accepting Applications Through April 18, 2021!

Candidates will be selected randomly and notified of their participation in the program in April/May 2021. Applications are available in both English and Spanish.

Guaranteed Income for Caregivers

In 2019, NCJW|LA conducted large-scale community research that examined the available services in our region and surveyed the in-depth needs of community members. Glaring gaps were identified ranging from access to emergency financial resources to social/emotional isolation. From this data, we developed a new model program designed to address these critical issues.

Financial interventions can help enrich Los Angeles communities most in need. Low-wage, working women may need financial support to ensure they stay housed and lift themselves out of poverty. Low-paying jobs lead to increased financial instability that forces many women to make difficult decisions to allocate their limited resources. Economic unpredictability leads to several adverse effects on women's well-being, including impacts on mental health, physical health, and a decreased sense of self-worth.

Advancing Economic Justice and Equity Through Direct Cash Assistance

GBI (25)

12 female participants

GBI (22)

12 months of additional income

GBI (23)

$1000 in monthly cash assistance

GBI (26)

For care professionals exclusively

As we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to advance economic justice and equity for women is more prevalent now than we could have ever imagined. (8)

How It Works

The Guaranteed Income Program (GIP) will provide a caregiver cohort of 12 women with $1,000 a month for a year.

By providing cash assistance, we hope to expand the social safety net for the women who do the critical work of caring for and offering dignity to the ill, disabled, children, or the aging. Your participation in our program is not contingent on the answers you provide on your online application. In April 2021, 12 applicants will be chosen randomly and invited to join the cohort. Participants in the cohort will be able to use the money in whatever way they see appropriate to best meet their financial demands and pursue financial goals. The women in our cohort will be provided virtual access to valuable resources and a support network of fellow caregivers or mentors supplied by NCJW|LA. Participants are not required to join any events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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