Get it Together

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am all over the place with my references. This week I’m going to try to explain my picks from the last sale at the Victory store via story boards. I was inspired by the Carven Fall 2013 Collection , prints from the New York based label Suno, and Annie Potts in the film Pretty in Pink.




 This vintage coat looks like the twin of the one Carven sent out on the runway this February.


 The dress reminds me of the dress Annie Potts hands down to Molly Ringwald (which she subsequently ruins in a misguided fashion attempt) in the prom scene in “Pretty in Pink”. The Christian Dior blazer with the built in mandarin collar (AMAZING) is very Spring Suno meets Annie Potts the “yuppie“.


Last but not least is this sparkly knit Pierre Hardy sweater. A throw back to the vibe of the record store in “Pretty in Pink”.