Gatsby Inspired

I’m going to be honest, the reviews I am seeing for Baz Luhrmann’s  interpretation of “The Great Gatsby” are not promising. So far most of the praise is directed towards the beautiful costumes Prada collaborated on with costume designer Catherine Martin for the film.  As with the rest of the movie, the costumes are inspired by the roaring twenties but have obvious traces of modernity. The film features over 40 costume designs that are essentially re-interpreted designs from the the Prada and Miu Miu archives.

Looking at pictures of the costumes (currently on display at Prada’s Soho boutique) I started thinking about some of the embellished pieces that I come across in our stores. Watching buyers make their selections I always ask the same question; How can you tell cheap piece of bead-work apart from the older and better made stuff? I love a good flapper dress but (as with most vintage) the real thing is getting harder and harder to find. Unfortunately a lot of the selection process is instinctual but you can check out the weight and the sewing to determine the level of craftsmanship. Below are two pieces I have admired juxtaposed with costumes from the film.


A vintage bustier by Krizia