Build Resilience

Join us on Thursday, February 17th at 4:00 pm, we welcome Atousa Raissyan, certified heart-centered Transformational Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, and Artist to guide the conversation as we explore ways to sustain meaningful relationships, recognize and learn from our triggers and use grounding techniques to cope with stress.

The NCJW|LA Community–Centered Wellness series continues its promise to provide wellness strategies to our program participants and wider community with actionable steps and resources to promote health and wellness for life.

Honoring our Differences

Over the past few months, NCJW|LA team members have been working with Diverse City, LLC to assess our agency's strengths and opportunities for growth related to diversity and inclusion.

After an in-depth survey completed by board, staff, and key stakeholders, the professionals from Diverse City recommended specific trainings to support our organizational growth. The kick-off session on Unconscious Bias was held on January 25th. More than 25 employees participated from 16 locations. The training was challenging, enlightening, and informative. It provided a unique space for team members to share personal experiences and help build deeper connections and understanding.

Over the next few weeks, we will have two more trainings: Navigating Difficult Conversations and Microaggressions. We also plan to follow-up with a close look at our agency policies, hiring and onboarding practices, and Board recruitment plan. We aim to provide tangible skills that everyone can use in the workplace.

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