February Newsletter

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Top: Sarah Dedman, Mayumi Lometillo, Maxine Torosian, Jenny Linga
Bottom: Povkaknika Sokkhom, Leila Solouki, Lianna

Over $15,00 Awarded!
"My desire is to be able to fully support my family. I am highly passionate about helping to provide quality education for students in special education."
-Sarah Dedman
We're excited to announce the recipients of our scholarship program!

Each year, we select a number of talented LA students who have demonstrated a tremendous amount of tenacity and leadership. We celebrate their desire to contribute to their community as leaders in their chosen career paths.

Learn more about our recipients below:

Meet our Advocacy Co-Chair

My name is Jessica, and I have been a part of NCJW|LA since early 2017. I joined with a desire to better understand and serve my community – originally through the Young Leaders – with the hope that a local impact would lead to larger ripples of change, ultimately shaping the social and political landscapes of our communities.

During the 11 years, I lived in LA, I completed the Advocacy Training Project and Bend the Arc's "Don't Kvetch, Organize!" course to understand better the effects of economic disparity in our communities, and how advocating for economic justice improves the quality of life for all.

I'm an alumna of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority (Epsilon Tau chapter, UCSB), worked in the entertainment industry and the nonprofit sector, and a regular volunteer with JDRF International and the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles through their young adult Nu Roots initiative.

While I currently live in OC, my family's roots have been in the Fairfax district since the early 1950s, right down the street from our former NCJW|LA Council House. In my spare time, I love cooking, reading, and going to concerts.

Donate Your Vehicle and Support Our Mission

We have partnered with CAReasy.org to help make it easier for you to donate your unwanted vehicle. It's easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Click the button below to fill out the form
  2. Our partners will pick up the car and handle all the paperwork
  3. NCJW|LA will send you a tax-deductible receipt after it is sold

Proceeds from your donation go towards supporting our programs, services, and advocacy efforts that benefit women throughout Los Angeles County.

Advocacy Opportunity

This month, Congressional leaders in both chambers welcome new members, set leadership and committee assignments, and begin the work of legislating.


Congress may grapple with issues that impact immigrants and their access to public benefits. From the reauthorization of the Farm Bill to immigration reform to the end of the public health emergency, to the annual appropriations process, there are opportunities to improve how immigrants and their families access the services they need.

Each new Congress is a blank slate and all the bills that were introduced in the last Congress need to be reintroduced. After all the work that was put into previous campaigns, this may feel frustrating or like starting again. But remember, not only is reintroducing a bill is a critical step in the legislative process, it is an opportunity to get fresh attention to the issues you care most about.

To get started, here are two things you can do now:

  1. Confirm you know who your members of the U.S. House and Senate. Not sure? Searching by state will help identify your delegation and give you the links to their websites.  
  2. Figure out your members’ committee assignments to figure out what they might be working on.  This information is generally found on their main website but you can also check the committee websites. A few Senate Committees include: Finance, HELP, Agriculture, Housing, and Judiciary. A few key House Committees include Energy and Commerce, Financial Services,  Agriculture and Judiciary

Economic Opportunity Grants


LA County small and microbusinesses and non-profits impacted by COVID-19 may qualify for financial relief to support their post-pandemic recovery.

The Economic Opportunity Grants (EOG) program offers grants, technical assistance, and other County services to help businesses stabilize and grow.

• Phase 1: Grants for Microbusinesses (under $50,000 in revenue) - will be available starting in January 2023.
• Phase 2: Planned launch for small business and non-profit grants in February 2023.