Gratitude Report

2020 - 2021 Fiscal Year

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Stephen L. Teller & Richard V. Hotson

"NCJW has been part of my life all of my life and for Richard over 20 years. My mother, the late Frances (Fran) Lawrence Teller joined NCJW in the early 1930s and remained active until her death in 2011. Fran was a past Co-President and Board Member of NCJW|LA, National Board Member, and chairperson of the NCJW|LA Scholarship Committee. My mother was active in the Advocacy Program for many years, and we consider that to be especially vital today. Richard and I both feel connected to NCJW|LA and decided that we would continue to support its programs after my parents passed.

Education is a Jewish tradition and value. But it has become so incredibly expensive...even full scholarships do not cover everything. Our scholarships focus on the critical shortage of nurses and teachers, the need for entertainment to lighten the mood, and continue our many years of activism in, and commitment to, the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Seated: (L to R) Fran and Sherman Teller. Standing: (L to R) Stephen L. Teller and Richard V. Hotson [Photo circa 2003]

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NCJW|LA Scholarship Recipients

Susan Isaacs

“I have been a volunteer with NCJW|LA for 17 years. As a member of the Board, we worked to focus our mission, pinpointing issues around economic justice and equity for women. I had the honor to participate in the design of our Guaranteed Income Program and the satisfaction of seeing our first recipients begin to use the monthly direct-cash assistance to meet their financial demands.

I also represent NCJW|LA in fighting for a Fair Workweek in Los Angeles along with labor, community groups, health advocates, and retail workers. During COVID, our focus turned to fighting for higher wages, improved safety, better store, and worker security, and fair and affordable healthcare for workers who have been on the front lines of the pandemic, putting their lives at risk to provide for our communities."

Inspired to Give...

“I frequented the wonderful Council Shops, but it wasn’t until August of 2020 that I began to truly understand and appreciate the philanthropic arm of NCJW|LA.

…Due to the pandemic my West Hollywood tenants were experiencing financial difficulties and applied to NCJW|LA for rental assistance. I found it very difficult to accept the monies when I personally was not suffering any financial hardship, so I donated all the rental assistance back to NCJW|LA. I chose the Scholarship Funds…in hopes that it will change someone’s life for the better ⁠— and there is nothing more wonderful than an education.” - Donor M.

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NCJW|LA Scholarship Recipients

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Barbara Fuller as a child and today

Barbara Fuller

"I was lucky enough to grow up within the Jewish community. What I mean by that is when I was growing up my mother received help from a Jewish agency. They always made sure that we had what we needed. And then my first few jobs were with Jewish agencies ⁠— and I knew that I always wanted to give back.

I started with a very small donation monthly and through the years, I keep increasing to the best of my ability. It feels so good to me to give back. I will always remember the kindness bestowed on me and my family."

Suzanne Buckholtz

"My first connection with NCJW|LA was in 2008 when I volunteered with the Art Bridges Culture program. It enabled me to experience first-hand the value NCJW|LA brings to the Los Angeles community.

As a woman and a mother, NCJW|LA supports the issues that matter to me, reproductive rights, social and economic justice, and equality for all people. I continue to support NCJW|LA because there is so much work left to be done!"

Beverly & Allen Mushinsky

"We became familiar with NCJW|LA through our daughter Suzanne... We are very impressed with the work NCJW|LA is doing in the community and so proud of her contributions through the years... It is very rewarding to know that our donations are going directly to support individuals and communities in need."

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Pictured L to R: Allen Mushinsky, Suzanne Buckholtz, Beverly Mushinsky, and David Buckholtz

Financial Report

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NCJW|LA thanks our generous supporters.

We also thank the many individuals who made contributions less than $100.

Every attempt was made to ensure the list is accurate. If you notice an error or omission, please do not hesitate to notify our development staff directly.

Anonymous Donors

Deborah Abram

Carly Alexander

Senator Ben Allen

Betsy Arnold

Mark Arteaga

Emily Ausbrook

Herman Bae

Sherry Bardack

Veronica Bauer

Modestus Bauer Foundation

M.R. Bauer Foundation

The Estate of Joan Bauman

Beacon Capital Partners, LLC

Carol & Terry Becker

Elissa Becker

Parisa Behkar

Horst Beil

Donna Benjamin

Joy Berenfield

Helen Berman

Mariam Berry

Bertram & Raquel Lewitt Fund

Linda Bessin

Betsy Blechman

Blumenfeld Family Trust

Donna Boswell

Becky Bouchard

Pamela & Zack Brown

Suzanne & David Buckholtz

Beth Burnam

Jessica & Michael Burnam

Cannon Family Foundation

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Rosalyn Chapman

Charter Communications

Donna Chazanov

Leonor Chernila

Ruth Chippendale

City of West Hollywood

Mary Coffey

David Cohn

Marlene Cole

Myra Colenber

Lee Cowan

Lois Cozyris

Rick Crawford

Madeline Cripe

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.

Richard Dickman

Kelly Doucette

Marelise Drake

Janice Ehrlich

Suzanne Erhmann

Clelia El Adl Clemens & Todd Clemens

Bonnie Elbaz-Deckel

Modern HR

Elkins Kalt Weintraub

Reuben Gartside LLP

Ellyn Elson

Laurie Evans

Samuel Feirstein

Patricia Feldman

Irwin Field

Mona Field

Karen Figilis

Judy & Richard Fisher

Sandra Fluke

Daniel Force

Beverly Fuller

Barbara Furst

Amy Galaudet

Marilynne Garrison

Elizabeth Geggel

Benjamin Gilberg

Marjorie Gilberg & Brian Jones

Mitchell & Jacque Gilberg

Randi Gillman

Jill Glasband

Lindsey Goldbloom

Jessica Golden Tolsky

Linda Goldman

Goldman Family Trust

Coralie & Alan Goldsmith

Frances Goldstein

Linda Goldstein

Roslyn & Abner Goldstine

Sara Anne Goodman

Judy Gordon

Joseph Grana

Leah & David Granat

Mark Granby

Alessandra & Mark Green

Michael Green

Brad Grimmet

Lindsay Gronich

Rod Hagenbuch

Aziza Hasan

Albert Hasson

Ina Haugen

Jaime Hepp

Susan Herman

Senator Bob Hertzberg

Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary

Mark Holden

Ellen Isaacs

Karyn Isaacs

Susan Isaacs

Susan Jackson

Carrie & Mitchell Jacoves

Yvette Joffe

Mary Joyce Johnson

Patricia & Ron Jones

Sylvia Jones

Michael Julius

Linda Kagel

Leah Kalif

Deborah Kallick

Paula Kaplan

Sally & Manny Karbelnig

Chantel Katiraie

Gloria Katz

Sidney Katz

Sondra Katz

Keiter Family Foundation

Kathy Keiter Hakim

Robert Klausner

Deborah & Phillip Koeffler

Andrea Kopel

Councilmember Paul Koretz

Benjamin Kushner

Ellie & Mark Lainer

Julie Leeds

Susan Geggel Lepow

Gail Levine

Linda Levy

Bette-Jane Licht Krom

Judith Lipkin

Jane Lofton

Heather Long

M.R. Bauer Foundation

Leslie Margolis

Michael and Lori Milken

Family Foundation

Alexandra & Trevor Miller/ The Brook Fund

Janice Miller

Michael Miller

Selma Mintzer

Isabelle Mizrahi

Modestus Bauer Foundation

Sheila Moncavage

Myra & Harry Morewitz

Geri Morguelan

Miracle Mile Advisors

Beverly & Allen Mushinsky

Jerry Nankin

Phyllis Nelson

Cipra Nemeth & Scott Shulman

Jenny Newell

Rosy & Albert Nissan

Patricia O'Connell

Judith Okun

Patricia Oliansky

Greg Orshansky

Sophia Orshansky

Sandra Ow-Wing

Tiffany Pablo

Cindy Paley Aboody

Janet Papkin

Nanette Pastor-Hanna

Jayzen Patria & Joe Keenan

Karen Pearl

Silvia Perchuk

Jay & Rose Phillips Family

Foundation of Minnesota

Mae Philpott

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, LA County

Elaine Polachek

Lynn & David Pollock

Uzzi Raanan

Cheryl Rich

Nina Rivkind & Steven Shatz

Ariana Rodriguez

Renata Rolek

Claudia Rose

Donna & Harvey Rosen

Robert Rosenberg

Lea Rosendahl

Suzanne Rosentswieg

Suzanne Roth

Jayne & Dan Rothblatt

Barbara Rothstein

Saeed Sadeghi

Sheri Samotin

Savills, Inc.

Lawrence Scheinbaum

Nancy Scher

Lynn & Mark Schleimer

Joanie Schloss

Sonia Schneider

Brenda Schoettel

Claire Schweitzer

Ayala Scott

Ethel Seid

Peggy Shapiro

Phoebe Shaw

Gary & Robin Shev

Rosalyn Siegel

Catherine Silman

Sharon Silverstein

Charlotte Sinay*

Neila Sisskind

Douglas Sloane

Laura & Karl Slovin

Gilbert & Judy Solomon

Liora Spiess

Robbin Steif

Charles Stern

Terri Jo Stern

Jane Stiglitz

Amy & Jeffrey P. Straus

Ruth Suzuki

Aryna Swope

Television City Studios, LLC

Stephen L. Teller & Richard V. Hotson

Renee Tener-Hertzberg

Jocelyn Tetel

The Jeff and Doris Goldstein

Donor Advised Fund

The Wonderful Company

Foundation, Inc

Barbara Thurston

Sheryl Tidus

Kathryn Tull

United Agencies, Inc.

Vera Uzelac

AiLien Vuong

Helen & Martin Wachs

Vera Wallach

Lenore Wax

Meir Wazana

Sheryl Weiner

Susan & Robert Weissman

Michele Wytko

Beth Yale

Allen Zatkin

Amy Zeidler

Talma Zelitski

Marilyn Ziering



*of blessed memory