Tri-Weekly 12.10.2020 (2)

NCJW|LA is a powerful catalyst for social change.

We are committed to advancing economic justice for women and their families. For more than 100 years, we have consistently tackled the complex social issues of the day by providing vital services needed within our community, supporting the passage of laws and policies that ensure economic security, and expanding the safety net for struggling families.

At this challenging time, we are witnessing amazing acts of generosity and kindness as Angelenos rally together to support one another. Your donation to NCJW|LA today will help ensure a resilient and robust future for our entire community.

We no longer offer membership levels; however, a donor who contributes $100 or more will receive an honorary membership 10% discount card to use at our Council Shop thrift stores.

Click here to donate to The Council Shop, a charitable project of NCJW|LA.

Click here if you would like to donate to an existing Scholarship fund or create your own.