Designer Knits

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”

This past weekend, after preparing for a sale at our Studio City location, I left for San Francisco. As a notorious over-packer I expected to (once again) be teased about  all the extra clothes I was lugging around. However this trip, as I huddled into my coat and groaned about the cold wind hitting my ears I definitely felt smug about the amount of outer-wear I had packed. I am not sure if what  I experienced was a normal San Francisco summer weekend but I do remember day dreaming about all vintage knits I had come across at the past few Best of the Best Sales. Here are a handful of my favorites:


Just like with all the vintage Gianni Versace I have seen floating around feel like I have been spotting more and more Courrèges

fancyknits9Mhm cardigans the easiest way to fight office air conditioning

fancyknits10This Escada pullover is vintage but the design is very “modern Seattle luxury”