Help Keep Los Angeles Housed

COVID-19 is affecting Angelenos in ways we could have never imagined. We know people throughout Los Angeles are going to continue to need help. To date, we have helped more than 500 households and we are still operating emergency COVID-relief rental assistance programs. A donation of any size can help keep a neighbor housed and stable.


Emergency Rental Assistance for Women Living in LA

RAP provides financial assistance to households financially impacted emergencies such as loss of hours/work, medical bills, or unexpected financial hardship.

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Clothing and Household Assistance Through The Council Shop

Provides individuals and families living under or near the poverty line by providing gift cards that can be redeemed for clothing, shoes, and household accessories.

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Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is available for a variety of subject matter disciplines, as well as support for non-traditional students in achieving their academic goals.

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Moms Wellness Network

Meet local mothers and caregivers who understand the responsibilities of caring for others and who also are looking to find space for self-care and learning. 

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Emergency Rental Assistance For the City of West Hollywood

Supports community members recovering from a financial emergency or significant setback. Funding is limited.

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Monthly Assistance, No Strings Attached

Provides direct cash assistance to pregnant people.

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