Help Keep Los Angeles Housed

COVID-19 is affecting Angelenos in ways we could have never imagined. We know people throughout Los Angeles are going to continue to need assistance. A donation of any size can help keep a neighbor housed and stable.

Critical Response Programs

Emergency Rental Assistance For the City of West Hollywood

Receive up to three months of rental assistance. Qualified recipients must live in the City of West Hollywood. Funding is limited.

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Emergency Rental Assistance for Women Living in LA

Receive up to $1000 in rental assistance. Available to women with dependents living in LA county. Additional restrictions apply.

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Rental Assistance Program Final

Clothing Assistance For All Through The Council Shop

Clothing vouchers for women and their families. Vouchers are distributed by local partner organizations.


Clothing & Home Furnishing Vouchers for Those Seeking to Rebuild

The Council Shop home and clothing voucher program is available to households experiencing emergencies related to natural disasters. This program is currently deactivated.