Council Thrift Shops Store Spotlight: Studio City Sales Edition!

If you want stylish clothing for bargain deals, NCJW|LA’s Studio City Council Thrift store is the place to shop. From half off suits, to buy 2 get 1 free dresses, our thrift store has prices hard to find anywhere else. In this week’s spotlight, we are going to explore our Studio City thrift store.

The moment I walked into to NCJW’s Studio City store, I was amazed by all the wonderful deals. They had a special sale for 50% off all art work. I loved the artwork in the store and was excited that I could buy it at such a cheap price.



My favorite painting was a beautiful landscape of an old European town.

If you are looking for house decorations, this is the place to come. The store not only had stunning art pieces but also fun decorations like a retro French clock and some funky couches.

The deals did not just stop at the artwork. The store was selling all men suits at half price. The suits were very nice and even included some brand names like Nordstrom. There was a diverse array of suites from size to color.


My favorite sale was the buy 2 get 1 free for dresses. There were all different types of dresses from summer casual to fancy black tie. The deal was so great that I ended up buying six dresses for the price of four!


I love purses and am always on the hunt for a cute new handbag. The Studio City store had a whole section filled with bags I could not resist. They were a bargain and included leather purses, chain purses, and even basket weave purses.


The store has a big selection of accessories including a whole area dedicated to jewelry. They had beautiful necklaces, earrings, and even watches. The store also had an array of belts for both men and women.


One of my favorite parts was the shoe section. They had shoes for all occasions. It is hard to find fancy shoes at a cheap price. At NCJW’s Studio City store, I was able to find a lot of different heels at low prices.

NCJW|LA’s Studio City store is the perfect place to find cute clothing and accessories at a great price!