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NCJW|LA is committed to advancing economic justice for women and their families. In addition to our direct service programs; we support the passage of laws and policies that ensure economic security, promote dignity in the workplace, and expand the safety net for families who are struggling.

Just last week, Jose, one of our team members from The Council Shop, testified at City Hall in support of Fair Workweek LA. As a partner in the Fair Workweek LA campaign, NCJW|LA is urging the City of Los Angeles to pass a comprehensive policy for retail workers that requires advance notice of schedules, predictable pay, and reasonable accommodations for personal emergencies. Our commitment to equitable work environments extends to our Council Shop retail employees who all receive flexible, full-time work with dependable schedules, and full medical and dental coverage.

On May 20th and 21st, NCJW|LA led a delegation of 39 women and men to participate in Lobby Day Sacramento to advocate for bills themed around economic justice and improving the lives of families in California.

Locally, our Advocacy Working Group selected two bills to focus our efforts: The Family Leave Act (SB135) and Health4All (SB29/AB4).

Although California enacted the nation’s first Paid Family Leave Program in 2004, there is no job protection directly associated with the program. Far too many Californians struggle with the choice of whether to care for their newborn or loved one or jeopardize their jobs and economic security. The Family Leave Act (SB135) will ensure Californians are able to use Paid Family Leave and return to their jobs after.

Health4All (SB29/AB4) will close one of the remaining gaps in our health care system by providing full scope Medi-Cal to all income-eligible adults. NCJW|LA believes health care is a right, not a privilege. The cost of not covering insurance for all Californians is more than simply economic. Parents who are unable to get medical care are unable to care for their children. Workers who are unable to get medical care are unable to do their jobs. The health of the economic and social systems within California depends on the health of all Californians.

NCJW|LA is intentionally directing its energy to ensure all Angelenos can thrive.

The key to unlocking this powerful vision is securing a commitment from NCJW|LA supporters like you. Now more than ever, we are looking to our longtime partners and friends to invest in our future to continue our vital work.

Join our commitment to the community and donate to NCJW|LA today!

With heartfelt thanks,

Helen Davidov /President                               Marjorie Gilber/CEO



  • NCJW|LA instituted a Disaster Response Voucher program that distributed nearly $25,000 in vouchers to 83 families whose homes were lost in the recent fires.
  • Change the Talk, our teen program to combat sexual violence hosted its first-ever youth film festival with submissions from across the country.
  • NCJW|LA hosted more than 100 community members, including dozens of new friends, at our Annual Passover Seder


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