Clustering Beauty

Lately I have been feeling inspired by the 97′ Comme des Garcons collection named “Clustering Beauty” . . .





I am pictured wearing a dress from the Veteran store with Swedish Hasbeen Nude Slip-In Super High Shoes. All images by Anna.

She was inspired, she said, by ”clustering beauty, the beauty of piling up, gathering together, strength through repetition.”

The thinnest layers of stacked creamy muslin were cut bluntly, then wrapped primly around models, for deep, cloistering pinafores, sometimes with tiny muslin aprons wrapped around skirts, sometimes pinned at the back. The look of the layers was like a modern petticoat, the drape of dresses like that for a Grecian goddess.

Or Ms. Kawakubo played with the sort of ruffles cascading down the body that a flamenco dancer might favor, with a romantic train at the back or sculptured down the front of dresses. Pleating for skirts and dresses was sometimes tiny and precise, with the effect of swaying lampshades, or as wide as planks, making the models look like fresh schoolgirls.

-New York Times