Our Clothing Assistance Program supports individuals and families living under or near the poverty line by providing gift cards that can be redeemed for clothing, shoes, and household accessories. Gift cards can be used at any of our 7 Council Thrift Shops.

You can find the nearest Council Thrift Shop to you at this link:
Store Location and Hours

How It Works:Cards are distributed by NCJW|LA monthly. We directly issue 50 cards each month. Once the cards are gone, clients may still apply and will be added to the wait list for the following month. Each eligible family member can receive a single gift card each year. Children under the age of seven receive a $25.00 card. All other family members are eligible for $40.00 cards. You may only solicit gift cards for individuals living in the same address and there is a limit of six (6) cards per address.

Gift cards are also available from our community-based partners. Please note, partners are responsible for determining their own eligibility guidelines and recipients must actively be a client of the partner agency.

Please see our list of Community Partners below.

To qualify for the Clothing Assistance Program, you must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Receive a form of financial assistance from a government agency (WIC, SNAP, Transportation Checks, etc.).
  • Enroll in Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Social Security Insurance, or are under the age of 65 and receiving Medicare.
  • Household income meets the low-income standards set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the County of Los Angeles.
  • You or a family member in your household recently lost their job and/or are unemployed and seeking work.

Clothing Assistance Program Community Partners

Being Alive


Center for Health Justice

Center for Pacific Asian Family



Didi Hirsch - Excelsior House/Jump Street

HDSI Management Inc.

JFS Freda Mohr


Karsh Family Social Service Center

LA Family Housing

PACE/WorkSource Center

Partners In Care


San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center

Step Up on Second

Strength United

Venice Community Housing