You might think that after 2 years of doing this blog and countless others as just a faithful shopper that I would grow tired of the sale cycle. However, each Friday I feel a jolt of something like anxiety imagining all the vintage I am about to encounter. It is not to say that some…Read More

For the second sale in a row I have a found Raquel Allegra “shredded” top at our Canoga Park store. You would have to be a fan of deconstruction to appreciate Raquel Allegra’s designs because they are meant to fall apart the more they are worn. Her clothes are intentionally destroyed and yet delicate, the…Read More

I can’t believe the year is ending in less than two months! Our Best of the Best sales will come to a close towards the end of December and as a result I am kind of freaking out. I have grown so accustomed to my privileged treasure hunting that it is difficult for me to…Read More

“Jewelry becomes part of the silhouette, part of the clothes, and part of the overall impression” -Marion Vidal In order to mentally prepare for this post I have been re-reading an article on jewelry designer and Céline collaborator, Marion Vidal. It is not that I find accessories uninteresting but there are only so many ways…Read More

A hobble skirt was a skirt with a narrow enough hem to significantly impede the wearer’s stride. This fashion trend from around the turn of the twentieth century is most closely associated with French designer Paul Poiret, his use of draping created a top heavy silhouette. While I don’t advocate clothing that is difficult to…Read More

Lucite jewelry is tricky. When done right it looks sculptural and modern but a lot of the time it just looks cheap. For me,  it is difficult to distinguish between the cool and the cheesy when it comes to this resin. Lucite was first developed in the 1930’s and in it’s purest form it is…Read More

Some outfit suggestions featuring clothes from our Fairfax location: A long vintage shirt dress combined with Prada sandals for a warm afternoon outing. 80’s vintage bow dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels for a dinner date. Just missing a simple clutch. What I like to call a “lazy day”outfit: Vintage jersey dress, knit sweater, and…Read More

Trust me, the delay on this post is worth it.  At the Venice sale I came across a spectrum of exceptional items and finally felt inspired again. I believe that I dress with a lot of purpose but even so it is difficult for me to find a balance  the “crazy” and the “minimal”. I…Read More

Sam Edelman Pointed Ankle Boots  This weeks sale at our Pico store was smaller in scale but definitely yielded a few treasures. Despite the fact that I have been attending “Best of the Best” sales for several years I am always surprised at how insane (in a good way) some of our donations are. For…Read More

Our “Best of the Best” sale cycle can be kind of confusing even for the most hardcore thrift fans so I just wanted to remind everyone that after a two week break we will be back in full swing this week. This weeks Saturday-Sunday sale takes place at our Pico location . Be sure to…Read More