Other than NCJWLA employees the only people who get a sneak peak into the “Best of the Best” sales are a handful of “V.I.P’s”. This very small group is mostly composed of vintage buyers who purchase items to be sold at expos, boutiques, and to designers. Each of these unique people has a different…Read More

  Though this is a blog about the “Best of The Best” sales it is also a blog about style. Every now and then I’d like to share clothes I’m wearing and loving both from past sales and from my favorite places outside of the thrift world. As a blogger and not a model I…Read More

A few months ago “The Market Tote” by Bamboula Ltd. caught my eye on The Madewell web-site. Bamboula Ltd. features bags hand-woven by women in rural Kenya.While I couldn’t commit to the $60 price tag on this black and white beauty I started to fantasize about carrying around groceries and paperback books in a straw…Read More

  Animal prints and feathers are two fashion trends that (until recently) I totally swore off.  As I think it’s as important to be able to mix prints and textures into your wardrobe as it is to show off whatever you are wearing with loads of confidence I started experimenting.  In doing so I began…Read More

  As you may have already predicted vintage Chanel is a very rare find. As indicative of a  luxury brand that is more than 100 years old, Chanel items never lose value or significance.  At every sale I see a handful of faux Chanel donations, at a recent sale at the Pico store I found…Read More

Hello! For all intents and purposes I am NCJWLA’s official “shop girl”. Why am I writing this blog? Because I have worked on and off for NCJWLA since I was 16! I have done data entry for the thrift stores, answered phones, volunteered on projects, and most recently been helping set up for the “Special…Read More