Can you dig it?

I’ll admit that I can be something of a predictable dresser. Though I am currently way obsessed with Japanese design my day to day clothing usually either consists of a combination of lace-up shoes, skinny pants, and button ups or girly dresses paired with ballet flats. I tend to have a mental block when it comes to things like shoes with cut-outs, reptile bags, leather clothing, statement jewelry, and way more things that should be permissible for someone working in fashion. Just as I am learning to cultivate a better “eye” I am trying to keep a more open mind, here are a few “outside of the box” pieces I spotted this week at our Veteran store (the sale starts TOMORROW!):



In theory Versace really isn’t my thing. Maybe it’s the obvious/aggressive sexiness of the clothing? Either way even I am not one to hate on original Gianni Versace. Whatever my bias may be with the creative direction of the brand Gianni was a GENIUS. I mean these heels are so cool  cutouts and all!




I love how 70’s glam meets street rat this leather skirt/jacket combo is! These kinds of things don’t really work on me but they bring to mind the gritty cool of the 1979 cult classic “The Warriors”


I know what you are thinking. My crazy hat reporting has been lax. In my imagination this hat brought luck to a bingo playing bouffant wearing lady.


I’m all about the bucket bag revival. The fact that this one is also classic Carlos Falchi alligator is amazing.

I have a few more posts just from today’s preview coming up but be sure to check out the actual sale at Veteran starting at 8am tomorrow!!