Bold Details


Animal prints and feathers are two fashion trends that (until recently) I totally swore off.  As I think it’s as important to be able to mix prints and textures into your wardrobe as it is to show off whatever you are wearing with loads of confidence I started experimenting.  In doing so I began to see the merits of a leopard clutch or shoe and of a feathered hem or hat. . .

As with most clothing hats used to be custom made, hat makers were referred to as “milliners” . Today besides legend Stephen Jones  and the British aristocracy you will be hard pressed to find many examples of custom hats or their makers.  At the recent Studio city sale we received a handful of vintage hats still in their original boxes, several with the makers signature! While it’s hard to imagine such pieces being worn on a day to day basis they are incredibly inspiring! One of our buyers bought the lot of them to use to decorate her store front but I managed to take a few shots first. Here are some images of how feathered hats were reinvented and reintroduced into woman’s wardrobes:


Detailing on a sweater also from the Studio City Sale


Prada Spring/Summer 06′

Stylist, Eva captured by The Sartorialist in a feathered skirt

and again with a feathered collar



Some glittering accessories to consider


Sonia Rykiel Spring/summer 2008

Editor Anna Dello Russo