Back to School

August and September in Los Angeles are always hell-ish. In the midst of a seemingly endless Indian Summer kids are forced to go back to school. Though I completed University about a year ago, I  still remember shopping for Fall clothes for weeks leading up to my return to school and then of course wearing them as soon as I could even if I ended up sweating through lunch period until late October. Call me crazy but I could never resist a nice pair of tights or a fresh button up even when it is scorching out. This week Venice was selling some great back to school separates, some of which might even make sense in this heat wave!



This linen button up by Shirin Guild is a brilliant combo of crop top combined with bat sleeves. I don’t know too much about the designer except that we had a few of her coats/capes at the Veteran store many Best of the Bests ago. From what I have seen her pieces are avant garde with some definite Asian influences.



vintage skirt with oversized drop pockets



these Jill Sander oxfords are such a steal! Soft Slip Ons that are meant to be worn without laces and look cooler super worn in.