The Advocacy Training Project

The Advocacy Training Project or ATP is an immersive six-week course made up of three tracks based on knowledge and levels of expertise. Spark Advocacy Training Project, Emerging Advocacy Training Project introductory level (Adult Track 1), and Rising Advocacy Training Project (Adult Track 2) advance level. Each track is composed of three main topics, broken down into two sessions for each topic.

ATP participants gain knowledge and acquire new tools to engage in a wide range of advocacy activities, i.e., Lobbying days, Community organizing, Petitions, Letters to the editor, Boycotts, Parades/walks, Street theater Action research, Letter campaigns, Read-a-thons, Storytelling / public testimonials, Door-to-door canvassing, Panel Discussion, Contact Elected Officials.

We developed ATP to be diverse and inclusive to ensure participants reflect the communities we serve and our volunteers.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Advocacy Training Project, please let our Advocacy staff know.

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Spark ATP

The Youth Advocacy Training Project

The Spark Advocacy Training Project introduces youth ages 16-21 to advocacy, community organizing, and activism. Youth participants learn a series of skills, tools, and knowledge to begin their journey to become youth activists and advocates. Participants spend their time learning the tools and skills needed for effective advocacy and activism. Each session focuses on applicable and useful advocacy methods and knowledge for fostering civic engagement and community involvement, using innovative material, activities, and tools.

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Spark ATP Course Topics

9/11 - Session 1 Youth Organizing 101: This training introduces youth to understand the 5 Ws and 1 H of youth organizing and putting them into practice.

9/25 - Session 2 Advocacy 101 and Fundamentals of the Policy Process: This training provides an understanding of advocacy and public policy fundamentals.

10/9 - Session 3 Activism and Leadership: This training introduces youth to learn and explore how to become an effective leader

10/ 23 - Session 4 Crafting your Message: This training introduces youth to learn how to use messaging and storytelling to share their stories and capture their audience.

11/6 - Session 5 Community and Movement Building: This training introduces youth to community organizing to address social issues.

11/20 - Session 6 Elected Officials and Building Sustainability in your Movement: This training teaches youth how to use strategies to gain elected officials’ attention to advance social issues and advocacy campaign efforts.

Apply Now Sessions Begin September 11, 2021


The Adult Track-1 Advocacy Training Project

The Emerging Advocacy Training Project (Adult Track-1) provides participants with hands-on advocacy skills, tools, experience, and guide for anyone newly involved in grassroots advocacy. Participants spend their time learning a general overview of advocacy strategies and guidelines on implementing specific advocacy tactics. Each topic has been carefully selected to provide a general overview and foundation for participants new to advocacy. With each session, participants build upon their knowledge and understanding of the principles of advocacy.

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Emerging ATP Course Topics 

9/9 - Session 1 Introduction to Advocacy: This training introduces participants to the theoretical concept of advocacy and its practical application. 

9/23 - Session 2 Levels of Government and Policymakers: This training presents participants with various government and elected officials.

10/7 - Session 3 Policy-Making Process and Lawmaking Process: This training introduces participants to the process lawmakers used to formulate new public policy and the role grassroots advocacy efforts play in this process. 

10/21 - Session 4 Crafting and Delivering Advocacy Messages: This training provides participants with techniques to communicate their advocacy messages and share their stories effectively.

11/4 - Session 5 Advocacy in Action: Prepares participants with details on how to work with their elected officials and work with coalitions.

11/18 - Session 6 Advocacy Strategy: This training prepares participants to begin to put into practice knowledge acquired in previous sessions by why are developing advocacy strategies are essential.

Apply Now Sessions Begin September 9, 2021


The Adult Track-2 Advocacy Training Project

The Rising Advocacy Training Project (Adult Track-2) provides participants with advanced hands-on advocacy and grassroots lobbying skills, tools, experience, and guide for seasoned advocates who completed the Introduction to Grassroots Advocacy Training Project. Or are new to NCJW|LA but meet the requirements stated above. Participants spend their time learning technical advocacy strategies and skills and understanding the guidelines and processes of grassroots lobbying and the roadmap to becoming more involved in their communities.

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Rising ATP Course Topics 

9/12 - Session 1: Introduction to Grassroots Lobbying and California Legislature: This training provides the grounding information to prepare participants further to foster relationships with California legislators and acquire grassroots lobbying knowledge and skills.

9/26 - Session 2 How a Bill Becomes Law: This training builds upon the participant’s understanding of the California legislature’s Bill introduction and other related practices.

10/10 - Session 3 How California Budget Get Passed: This training provides participants with an understanding of the California legislative process and learns about the state’s budget process’s critical facts.

10/24 - Session 4 Local Government: Participants will learn the responsibilities and decision-making processes of the Los Angeles City Council and LA County Board of Directors and how to influence those decisions. 

11/7 - Session 5 Citizen Initiatives and Petitions: This training introduces participants to create a citizen petition and initiatives process.

11/21 - Session 6 Exercising your Power, Getting Appointed to a Board or Commissions: In this training, participants begin to put into practice information learned by learning the ins and outs of the process of applying and getting appointed to a board or commission

Apply Now Sessions Begin Wednesday, September 12, 2021

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