Advancing Economic Justice for Women

NCJW|LA programs are designed for low-income, working women who are surviving, but not thriving. Over 70% of female-led households in California do not earn enough to cover basic needs. More than half
of our clients earn above the median income of Los Angeles County, which disqualifies them from public benefits.

NCJW|LA is a lifeline that keeps these families housed,
clothed, and stable.

Guaranteed Income

Erasing the myth that you can pull yourself out of poverty if you work hard enough.

Rental Assistance

Supporting women and their families so they can
remain housed.


Promoting policies that ensure a reliable financial foundation for families.

The Council Shops

Generating revenue to support programs that build financial resilience for women in Los Angeles.

NCJW|LA's Rich History

The women who founded NCJW|LA more than 110 years ago were committed to bringing about social and political change to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families. 

Today, NCJW|LA combines hands-on programs and services with activism and advocacy to drive change on a micro and macro level. Areas of focus include supporting the passage of laws and policies that ensure economic security, promote dignity, and expand the safety net for women and their families. 

Founding members of NCJW in 1910.
Founding members of NCJW in 1910.


Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance Programs

NCJW|LA's Rental Assistance Programs (RAP) support women and their families so they can remain housed. Rental assistance provides direct cash to property management companies and landlords to help tenants pay for security deposits and rent.

Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed Income Program

NCJW|LA is at the forefront of the Guaranteed Income (GI) movement. We have developed four research-based pilot GI programs to contribute to the growing base of evidence that Guaranteed Income works. Guaranteed Income programs alleviate financial scarcity and create new opportunities for self-determination, choice, goal-setting, and risk-taking which positively impacts employment status and the overall health of the recipients.

Scholarships Awarded


NCJW|LA Scholarships increase pathways to job opportunities and upward mobility. The scholarships account for the full costs of attending higher education, including food, transportation, housing, and childcare. Our recipients include individuals who are first generation students, parenting students, and students who face unique challenges in pursuing higher education.  

Clothing Giftcards

Clothing Assistance Program

Clothing Assistance clients receive gift cards to shop in our stores for clothing, household items, and furniture. NCJW|LA continues to work collaboratively with community partners to support our clients.


NCJW|LA has expanded our advocacy to focus on promoting guaranteed income. We actively promote policies that ensure a reliable financial foundation for families.

NCJW|LA is collaborating with policymakers, community leaders, and grassroots organizations to influence the design and implementation of inclusive guaranteed income policies that consider women's unique needs and circumstances in the workforce. 

Advocacy Training Project

To foster passionate advocates, NCJW|LA’s Advocacy Training Project prepared 48 diverse community members with the skills and tools they need to serve as leaders in driving community change.

Participants learned technical skills, grassroots lobbying tactics, and explored pathways to community involvement through Boards, commissions, and neighborhood councils.

Meeting with Asm. Friedman (Top Left Corner) and Chief of Staff Allison Ruff-Schuurman (Middle bottom)                     
Meeting with Sen. Allen (Middle Bottom) and District Representative Jake Ettinger 
Meeting with Asm. Friedman (Top Left Corner) and Chief of Staff Allison Ruff-Schuurman (Middle bottom)                    Meeting with Sen. Allen (Middle Bottom) and District Representative Jake Ettinger 


NCJW|LA’s seven resale stores are a catalyst to make our work possible. Thanks to our eco-minded and generous donors, The Council Shops generates more than 50% of the revenue to support  programs and services that build financial resilience for hundreds of women in Los Angeles each year. This unrestricted earned revenue  enables NCJW|LA to dedicate resources to innovation, research, and progressive ideas.  

The Council Shops are conveniently located throughout Los Angeles and offer an alternative to landfills for clothes, furniture, and housewares, and support the circular economy.

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Pregnancy Assistance Income with Dignity (P.A.I.D.)

NCJW|LA was awarded a $3.7M grant -- the largest in our agency's history -- to be one of seven sites to pilot a statewide Guaranteed Income program with the State of California.  NCJW|LA will pilot the Pregnancy Assistance Income with Dignity (P.A.I.D.) program to determine if providing a monthly income to pregnant women with diabetes, or who are at risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy, has a positive effect on the health and well-being of the mother and child. 

P.A.I.D., which launches in early 2024, is an 18-month program that will provide $1,000 per month of unconditional income to 150 randomly selected pregnant patients.


Pregnancy Assistance Income for Dignity


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